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Canadian Arena Products manufactures and installs electric and manual lift gates, built with lightweight aluminum I beams to ensure the highest safety, quality and durability. Our lift gate packages are ideal for any ice resurfacing machines or other maintenance equipment. Our standard lift gate has been recently re-engineered to provide a safe and durable system. Our system is easily installed in new builds or retrofitted dasher board systems.

*Electric Lift Gate Includes:

– Electric drive system, control unit, all necessary hardware

– Logic 4 ¾ HP operator w/ electric solenoid brake

– Entrapment protection system that reverses operation of the gate if there is a person or object  in the path of the closing door Safety flag system which incorporates a magnetic interrupter switch that stops operation of the gate when the gate is in the up position and the flag is in the safe position

*Manual Lift Gate includes:

Manual chain drive system, all necessary hardware and safety flag without magnetic interrupter switch