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Come to the Home and Garden Show and check out Canadian Arena Products Backyard Arena!

Forget about the new deck. Drink beer on your new hockey rink!

While contemplating the notion of becoming the most envied home owner in the neighbourhood, consider the following details that makes Backyard Arena by Canadian Arena Products the ultimate choice:

We use only UV Stabilized HDPE (puckboard). The same product used on quality indoor rinks with the addition of Ultraviolet Protection additives. No weird plastic compounds found here!

Galvanized steel frames and netting support posts are light enough to move around AND strong enough to withstand the upmost abuse. No aluminum to bend, twist and get beat up by pucks, men or equipment.

Canadian Arena Products Backyard Arena boards come with a standard 1/2″ thick x 8″ tall Yellow HDPE kick plate. The same found in properly built indoor facilities. Ours is thicker and taller than the competition.

Frames connect with 1/2″ dia. joiner bolt assemblies to withstand the extreme abuse rink boards take.

Our netting system posts are connected to the rink boards in 2 spots. Who wants a new hockey rink built with components that  could lean or twist.

Backyard Arena corner board sections come in a standard 5′ Radius. This allows for a more proportionate layout and therefore a more realistic playing experience, all while utilizing as much available space as possible.

Backyard Arena by Canadian Arena Products brings exceptional quality through tried and tested components which are commenly used within indoor facilities across Canada. All at an exceptional price!

Come and check it out in Hall B РBooth 1354  (next to phoenix fence).

Feel free to bring Nick and Delaney some mini doughnuts! You will have 2 new friends for life.