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Its finally the time of the year where most of us are so happy to be seeing some warm weather.

With the Winter blues behind us, we can look forward to getting outdoors and taking care of some Spring cleaning.

This is also a great time to check your local outdoor rink for any issues that may need correcting.

Avoid the rush and get your rink repairs taken care of early as one of the biggest hurdles dasher board manufacturers deal with is the heavy Fall installation schedule.

Most projects planned for the Spring season are more affordable and prone to less scheduling conflicts.

Some of the basic repair work that may be undertaken at your local outdoor rink are board repairs as well as chainlink shielding repairs.

Some common issues resulting from flawed rink board design are stripped screws, cracking puckboard caused by lack of UV inhibitors, rotting wooden boards, gate levelling issues caused by lack of care during the winter months, vandalism, or even rodeo damage.

Chainlink repairs may also be in order. Broken chainlink ties, missing hardware and damaged pipe are common problems. The largest issue in older chainlink shielding systems is the “curling” of the fabric directly behind the nets due to high puck play. Not only is this unsightly, it is very unsafe as the mesh has a tendancy to creep into the playing surface as the deformation of the chainlink becomes more signifigant.

Another issue we have seen, may be that someone has decided to steal a truck and have their own personal demolition derby inside your community rink (see picture to the left).

Give us a call or send us an email. We will be glad to assist in any repair work required at your outdoor rink.
If a new outdoor dasher board system is in the plans, we can also help with project planning as well as providing feasability & budget quotes.

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