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Since 2001, Canadian Arena Products has specialized in providing the highest quality dasher board systems and components for indoor, outdoor and private facilities. All of our dasher board systems and products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, operational and safety standards. We believe that each item that leaves our facility, be it a full-scale indoor rink or a specific maintenance product, should meet the highest standard in all areas.

Whether you require basic arena hardware, or a complete post-less demountable rink board system, Canadian Arena Products can handle all of your arena needs. In addition to our arenas, Canadian Arena Products offers a wide variety of arena-related products and accessories, such as bleachers, netting, low emissivity ceilings, lift gates, hockey nets, and much more.

We can provide our customers with a turnkey implementation or full installation kit, with or without supervision and project management expertise. In this way, we can accommodate all of our customers’ budget requirements.

Canadian Arena Products and its sister company, Special Metal Fabricating, have been in business for over 30 years. With our extensive experience in the field combined with our commitment to manufacturing and installation quality, we will provide the best possible dasherboard system for your community, organization, and even your backyard.


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