Indoor Arenas

Indoor Arenas terwillegar

Canadian Arena Products specializes in providing the highest quality arena systems for indoor facilities. All of our dasher board specifications are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, operational, and safety standards.

Our CAP 1 Steel indoor dasher board system is fabricated from durable steel tubing (HSS), angle, channel, and plate. For unsurpassed strength, this system is perfect for high use facilities in which the board system is to be considered a permanent fixture.

Canadian Arena Products CAP 2 Aluminum indoor dasher board system uses lightweight aluminum steel tubing. This system is best used in facilities where the boards are regularly taken down so events such as tradeshows can be held.

Both systems offer many different options in regards to shielding systems, box configurations, gate locations, etc.

Some indoor arena add-ons or options that are available through Canadian Arena Products are:

* Lift gates, Machine Gates, Equipment gates, and access gates
* Tempered or Acrylic glass options
* Aluminum stanchions or a seamless a glass system
* Advertising kits
* Spectator protective netting
* Low “E” Ceilings



Canadian Arena Products’ CAP 4 indoor fieldhouse system is perfect for soccer, ball hockey, lacrosse and basketball.

We offer a variety of puckboard cladding options ranging from .220” - .500” (1/4" to 1/2") thicknesses. Our aluminum frames can be cladded with conventional puckboard or acrylic sheeting for optimal viewing.

Some options that can be added to our CAP 4 system are:

* Player, penalty, and timekeeper boxes
* Spectator viewing panels
* Spectator safety netting
* Dividing Curtains

Outdoor Arenas

Outdoor Arenas

Canadian Arena Products’ outdoor dasher board system is ideal for both community leagues and private owners.

Our experience building outdoor rinks is second to none!

Our CAP 3 Steel outdoor dasher board specifications are fabricated from durable steel angle, and laser cut formed steel plate. We only used UV stabilized 1/2" thick puckboard which is absolutely crucial in outdoor applications. All steps to negate screw shear are put in place. The puckboard panels are also rabbeted to allow for expansion and contraction. Fasteners are used in conjunction with lock nuts for maximum durability. We also incorporate taller thresholds to allow for ice build-up throughout the winter.


Some options and upgrades available for our CAP 3 system are but not limited to:

* Players, penalty, and timekeepers boxes
* Chain link fence shielding systems in various heights
* Additional gates
* Sheds to enclose boxes
* Basketball hoops for summer use where asphalt or concrete surfaces are used
* Line painting on concrete surfaces

outdoor arena sunlight through chain link
Outdoor Arena options


Concrete Piles – The most cost effective choice and best option where hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer are the intended uses.

Concrete Curb – This option allows for growth in your facility. A concrete perimeter curb allows for use of the boards while allowing for future development. A proper curb will allow for a concrete or asphalt surface to be added in the future without the need to dismantle the board system. This curb will also act as an ice dam to keep water during the flooding season. It is bar none, the easiest foundation in which to flood a rink.

Concrete Slab – This is the all-round best option for an outdoor rink. It provides an adequate foundation for anchoring the boards while at the same time, providing the best playing surface. Concrete is more resistant to wear and heaving when compared to asphalt. The long term investment will result in higher usage because of overall quality of the facility. Add basketball hoops and line painting to an outdoor rink with a concrete slab will also yield high usage in the summer months. The smooth and flat surface gained with concrete is also ideal for skate parks, lacrosse, and ball hockey.